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Patriarche is an institution in Beaune.


Patriarche has long experience as a négociant-éleveur (wine merchant and producer) and produces a wide range of wines suited for all occasions.  

Ambassador of Burgundy designations.
Patriarche has a great deal of experience in the profession as a merchant-producer and produces a large range of wines corresponding to different tasting moments.

Patriarche is able to offer the entire palette of Burgundy designations having worked for many years with vintners selected for their seriousness and the quality of their work in the vineyards.
As a merchant-producer, Patriarche has established itself as an ambassador of the diversity and wealth of Burgundy wines.

The art of maturation, developed by Patriarche through the years, is of utmost importance here.
Ageing in bottles takes place in the vaulted cellars of the Visitandines Convent in Beaune, dating from the 17th century.

The maturation process and our savoir-faire assure the particularity of each wine bringing them to maturity. Ageing in casks, barrels, or vats is selected according to the designation and the vintage. The authenticity of the terroir is sought for each wine, so as to provide its specific identity.

Producer of sparkling wines

The success of bubbles 

The tradition of the Crémants de Bourgogne goes back to the early part of the 19th century in Burgundy.
Heir to this savoir-faire, Patriarche produces sparkling wines benefiting from all of the know-how and creativity of the company.

 The selection, blending, fermentation, carbonation, sugar dosing, and filtration are the many steps through which the quality of the product is developed.

Today, Patriarche is the second largest producer on the French market, proof of its great success in this area. 

The company produces sparkling wines which are among the best in their category and exports them throughout the world.

Guardian of a cultural and wine-making legacy

Wealth and heritage

Wealth and heritage 

Patriarche is located in the former Visitandines Convent in the heart of Beaune. The building has a chapel dating from the 17th century.

Thus, Patriarche maintains and improves, both in and around Beaune, a large number of buildings which have shaped the History of the city of Beaune and its vicinity.
All of the buildings are open to the public allowing one to discover the wine and cultural history and heritage of the area.

Patriarche is also a Major Patron of the Association of Burgundy Climats.


A propos

Visitez au cœur de Beaune les plus grandes caves de Bourgogne (5 km de caves, 230 ans d'histoire)...

Lettre d'information


5-7 Rue du Collège 21200 Beaune


Les horaires

Du lundi au dimanche

Visites et dégustations tous les jours
9h30 à 11h15 - 14h00 à 17h15
(boutique ouverte jusqu'à 12h00 et 18h00)
Prestation unique le 17 et 18 novembre 2018 - tarif sur demande.
Fermé les 16 novembre, 24, 25, 31 décembre et le 1er janvier.


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