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Négociant éleveur

Patriarche is well-integrated in the wine industry
through its various activities:
The ambassador of Burgundy's appellations

Patriarche has long experience as a négociant-éleveur (wine merchant and producer) and produces a wide range of wines suited for all occasions.

Patriarche is able to offer wines from all of Burgundy's appellations thanks to sourcing through reliable, quality-oriented winegrowers with whom close partnerships have been in place for many years.

As a merchant and producer of wines, Patriarche has established itself, vintage after vintage, as the ambassador for the wealth and diversity of Burgundy's wines.

The art of winemaking as developed by Patriarche over the years plays a central role.

Bottle ageing takes place in the vaulted cellars of the Visitandines convent in Beaune which date back to the 17th century.

Our know-how and ageing bring out the characteristics of each wine and allow them to reach their peak.

Ageing in tuns, barrels or tanks is selected depending on the appellation and the vintage.

The authenticity of the terroir is sought after in each wine in order to give it a specific identity.