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A word from our President
For 230 years, the women and men at Patriarche have helped build our company with their commitment and open-mindedness.

We are guided by one goal: to make quality wines accessible to all, for sharing unique moments of discovery and taste sensations for all occasions, whether they are out-of-the-ordinary, celebratory or everyday events.

We are also inspired by fundamental values such as: Human values, Conscientiousness, Loyalty, and Adaptability.

These values inspire creativity and a spirit that is focused on service to our consumers and partners, in France and throughout the World.

The combination of our wine-related activities and our know-how gives us the strength and serenity to pursue the work started by Jean-Baptiste Patriarche back in 1780!
Pierre Castel
Respect commitments, join forces to meet or exceed expected performance.

Take full responsibility for our commitments to our clients as well as to our external and internal partners.