Since 1780

Our History

The history of PATRIARCHE was written by audacious men and women starting in 1780! Each of them has marked the company with their exceptional personalities throughout the centuries. Each one has contributed to its continuity and development. They are the foundations of PATRIARCHE's long, rich history. Today their products are the guarantee of authenticity and perpetuate the legacy of their savoir-faire.

  • XXIème

    Pierre Castel

    Patriarche continues its development. Many investments are realised in the cellars.

  • 1955

    Georges Kritter

    He gave his name to the brand of high end sparkling wine, KRITER. The beginning of a long history crowned by succes.

  • 1940

    André Boisseaux

    The visionary, a marketing genius. He made Patriarche one of the most important houses in Burgundy. Audacious, the creator of modern wines, inventor of brands and modern sponsoring.

  • XXème

    Noémie Vernaux

    A woman of action - a lover of wine. A real legend who dedicated her life to wine. She was the last descendant of the PATRIARCHE family. A courageous woman who was ahead of her times.

  • XIXème

    Pierre-Louis Perdrier

    A shrewd business man and military hero. After a rich professional life, he went into partnership in the 50s with André Boisseaux to conquer new markets, including the Parisian market and contributed to the development of the Maison de Commerce PATRIARCHE Père et Fils.

  • 1850

    Léonce Bocquet

    The wine emperor... He supplied Burgundy wines to all of the great courts of Europe. Provocative and exuberant, he was a great fan of luxury and helped restore its former glory to the Clos Vougeot Castle.

  • XVIIIème

    Jean-Baptiste Patriarche

    The beginning, the founder. He established PATRIARCHE Père et Fils in Beaune. He purchased the Visitandines Convent in Beaune (Present headquarters of PATRIARCHE). He exported PATRIARCHE wines to Great Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium.


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