The importance of the wine glass

Sometimes we are not aware of the importance of glass to appreciate all the nuances of a wine. Sometimes we consume drinks in glasses that are not the most appropriate, either because of their shape, size, thickness, or diameter of the mouth. 

The glasses used to serve wine are ideal to fully appreciate it. They allow not only to taste the wine but also to observe it in detail and notice its aromas. It is not necessary to serve wine in the most expensive glasses to appreciate it more and better.

However, there are many different wine glasses and it is sometimes difficult to know which one to use.  

Burgundy Cup 

This is a large balloon-shaped cup that facilitates the movement of the wine inside the glass, promoting the emulsion of the aroma. It is used for wines from the Burgundy region, mainly based on the pinot noir grape, very infused, powerful but the light at first. 

Bordeaux Cup 

This is the most standard glass for red wines. It is one of the most widely used glasses in the industry, limiting the astringency of the tannins and allowing the fruity flavors of the wine to come through. 


This is a glass used for white wines whose rounded shape brings out the varietal notes of the wine. This creates a balance between the fruits and makes it a perfect glass for aging in oak barrels. It is a smaller glass than those used for red wines because it is important not to have too much volume to avoid overheating. 

Dry white 

This is a glass for dry whites with a larger volume. The reason for this is to allow the wine inside to breathe well, as these are usually not very aromatic wines. It can be a large or small glass, but it is never too full.  

Pinot Noir  

This is a large glass designed to direct the wine directly to the palate. This glass allows you to appreciate the acidity or sweetness of the wine.


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