Choosing a corkscrew

Whether you want to add a corkscrew to your collection or you want to give one as a gift, choosing one can sometimes be very complicated! There are many corkscrew models on the market, and it can be very challenging to choose the one that best suits our skills and preferences. 

The T-shaped corkscrew 

This corkscrew is a classic. It is one of the oldest in existence and, although it has lost its value, it is still used by connoisseurs, as it requires dexterity not to damage the cork when removing it. Its design is easy and functional, but it requires a lot of force to get the cork out intact, as it has no support. 

The two-stage corkscrew 

Professionals mainly use this corkscrew because of its simplicity when uncorking. It is ideal for extracting the cork with precision. To uncork the bottle, however, the process must be done in two simple steps, hence the name. Although it is mainly used by experts, it is also ideal for home use. 

The Blade Corkscrew 

Its simple two-pronged style is ideal for old, dry corks where an ordinary corkscrew would cause too much crumbling. The pliers slip between the cork and the neck of the bottle, and the cork can be withdrawn completely intact. This corkscrew requires some practice and skill, but it is a simple but effective solution for experienced collectors who struggle with crumbling corks. 

The screw corkscrew 

It is one of the strongest and requires some force to extract the cork. However, it is very easy to use. The screwdriver has a metal cap that is attached to the neck of the bottle and a rotating top handle that is inserted into the cork. To remove the cork, simply turn the top part in the same direction until it comes out of the bottle. 

The lever corkscrew 

This type of corkscrew is ideal for beginners because of its ease of use. Moreover, the models are usually foldable. To remove the cork, place it around the neck of the bottle, lower the lever to insert the wire into the cork, then raise it to extract it.


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