[Pour aller plus loin] Art In Situ

Art In Situ is a contemporary art trail along the
route des Grands Crus. It was initiated by the association "La route des
and was conceived as a sensual alternative to the excesses of screens and virtualization.
and virtualization. The credo of this unique route is to create a space where
art and wine meet.

The idea is to combine contemporary art with the exceptional
wine heritage of the Route des Grands Crus. The partner including Maison Patriarche, host several works of art, according to their their choice, their tastes and the environment over the course of a year to create a natural interest.

This wonderful initiative by the "La Route des Arts" association des Arts" has several objectives:

- Create an innovative route around contemporary art art based on the major axis of the Route des Grands Crus

- Strengthen the appeal of the wine estates regional and national level

- Encourage the emergence of a new public interested in contemporary works of art, thus encouraging a diversification diversification of visitors 

- Unite several estates on the Route des Grands Crus

For the third year running, Maison Patriarche is proud to be able to exhibit a number of contemporary works.

This year, 2024, no fewer than 7 artists are exhibiting their work their works, creating a one-of-a-kind tour.

During the visits, art lovers will be able to Art lovers and non-art lovers alike will have the chance to discover the works of the following artists:

- Bruno Bossut

- Alessandro Montalbano

- Olivia de Saint Luc

- Emilie Muzy

- Géraud Vogt

- Julien Clar

- Rose Evelyne Brader Frank

The talented artists have carefully chosen their locations of their works, from the entrance to the chapel or directly in the in the cellars, everything has been thought out so that the works are highlighted the visitor's eye.

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