How to store your wine once opened?

Uncorking the bottle brings about a profound change for the wine. This is why many people wonder about the different conditions for storing wine. 

The length of time that wine can be kept after opening varies according to the type of wine and its age. Nevertheless, it is generally estimated that once a bottle of wine is opened, it can be consumed up to 36 hours later. Indeed, once the bottle is opened, the oxygenation of the wine begins and its properties are diluted. In fact, the contact of the wine with the air alters its properties as well as its taste. 

However, depending on the type of wine, the conservation can be different. Red wine lasts longer than rosé and white wines, while sparkling wines should be drunk almost the same day the bottle is opened. 

Should I keep my opened bottles in the refrigerator? 

If closed bottles of wine cannot be kept in the refrigerator, what about open bottles? It is better to keep the latter in the refrigerator because the cold will slow down its degradation. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take the bottle out two or three hours before drinking the wine. This will allow the wine to come back to the right temperature for consumption. 

Capping the opened bottle 

In order to preserve the wine at its best, it is recommended to always stopper the bottle with its own cork. Indeed, cork is one of the best insulators for wine that exists.  

If you no longer have the original cork, you can find similar corks in stores. There are corks that seal the bottle so that no air can get through. These will extend the life of the wine. 

Avoiding light 

Exposure of the bottle to daylight and sunlight accelerates the deterioration of the wine. It is therefore important to avoid leaving the bottles on the terrace during meals in order to preserve the aromas of the wine. 

Keep the bottles upright 

An opened and properly corked bottle should not be stored in a horizontal position. In fact, it is preferable to store it vertically. This way, the contact between the air and the wine is reduced and there is less oscillation of the bottle.



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