What is oenological analysis?

From the beginning of the process, until the bottle arrives at our house, it undergoes many treatments. One of them is the oenological analysis, rigorous quality control that guarantees that the wine we consume is safe and of the highest quality.

In enology, the composition of the wine must be studied in the most complete way possible. The wine technician must have a good knowledge of this composition if he wants to understand the phenomena involved in the maturation of the grape, the vinification, the treatments and the conservation. 

Therefore, wine requires regular and continuous analysis. But not only for its production, since the so-called oenological analysis is a process that improves both food safety and wine quality. In some cases, these analyses are mandatory for exporting to certain countries. 

Characteristics of oenological analysis 

The laboratory work belongs to an activity whose results must be contrasted and verified. That is why the oenologist must understand and apply the basic concepts of chemistry, which are the basis and foundation of everything. Only in this way will it be possible to achieve the objectives related to the quality control of the manufactured products.

Thus, wineries usually carry out a control analysis that covers the different stages of production, winemaking and bottling.  

Among the different types of control analysis, we find the physicochemical, microbiological, stability, precipitate, allergen, toxin, or phytosanitary control, among others. This allows us to control the quality and ensure that the wine does not present any health risks to the consumer. 

Large wineries such as Patriarche perform the control analysis in-house. In the case of small wineries, which do not have adequate staff and resources, this work is usually entrusted to a laboratory. For this reason, there are companies that carry out oenological analysis, as in the case of official controls. 

The sanitary norms are more and more rigorous, and the controls are also adapted accordingly. In fact, oenologists have to be more and more rigorous in the different analyses. The wines marketed (both in France and internationally) are subject to numerous controls before the sale. That is why the wines must be perfectly adapted to these standards. Moreover, without these analyses, many countries prohibit their marketing.



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